Post Op, Oh No..

So since having hysterectomy in November.. things haven’t gone “smoothly”. Went for my post op today and I had some complaints about not being able to pee, constant itching, and high liver numbers from blood test 2 weeks ago.

Well Dr checked, I’m not passing urine.. my bladder is “lazy”. He is puzzled as to how this happened especially so far out from surgery. So they had to catheterize me to release the urine and catheter won’t come out til Tuesday after they fill my bladder with fluid and see if I can pass it on my own. If I can’t, catheter goes back in and on to the urologist.

Next thing is Liver enzymes. I had my blood work done again.. if my liver numbers are still high then I’m on to a hepatologist. I’ve had elevated liver enzymes in the past.. but not as high as they currently are and not in so many areas. With a family history of liver disease/complications/transplants, my Dr and I are very concerned.

Just when I thought it was over.. it’s really just begun. Oh, and.. don’t forget all these damn medical bills that I haven’t even touched and now building even more. I need a break! 😦


7 thoughts on “Post Op, Oh No..

    • Thankyou. Yea doesnt make alot of sense. Dr is puzzled. I got my urine test back and i have no urological infections… So its basically just my bladder not working. Hope youre feeling better as well! Youve been put through hell and back too! Its not fair.


  1. I’m sorry about your bladder. 😦 Will you have to see a urologist? Not to stir up worry, but could there have been some surgical misadventure during your hysterectomy?

    On a personal level, since my hyst I cannot pee with the velocity I once had. I think the uterus added some pressure / weight to the bladder making it easier for me to push / expel my urine. Hopefully, I’m not oversharing here.

    I also hope this is some sort of temporary problem and eventually your bladder will be gladder. 🙂

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    • Im thinking the same thing, like maybe he damaged some nerves or something along those lines during surgery. I will find out on tuesday if i have to go see a urologist. Since there is no infection its just the bladder i guess. Oddly though, even with the catheter i still feel like im not emptying enough. I sure hope its temporary… Because this catheter is making me insane.

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      • Yes, catheters can make you weirded out for sure!

        I’m sorry you have to have a catheter because that’s a pain to lug that thing around and empty the bag.

        Maybe, maybe, your bladder is simply slow to rebound and recover???? The urologists have all kinds of urodynamic tests … I know you’re probably thinking, “Yay. Bladder testing 😦 ”

        Anyway, keep us posted and I really hope it’s only something minor and temporary. For what it’s worth, ever since my hysterectomy, I stop and start my urine stream on the toilet to help maintain bladder strength … it’s something I read around the time of my hysterectomy. It’s kind of a weird peeing game … I know you’ve got the tube in your urethra now so that’s probably not feasible to try at this time!

        Hang in there!!! 🙂


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