Our Animals

Here are some pictures of our babies! They mean the world to us!! All of our cats are males and our dog is a female.

ALL of our animals are rescued animals.


2013-12-11 17.34.19

This is our Yorkie Mix, Daisy. Rescued from an older lady

that could not properly care for her.

2014-05-20 14.50.52

This is Pooch, our oldest cat and my ‘baby’.

He came from the APL and suffers from a gastrointestinal disorder

but vets are unclear what the exact problem is.

2013-12-22 23.51.17          2014-05-20 14.44.23

This is Peewee & Lucky (they are from the same litter)        Lucky is ‘lucky’ to be alive.

Lucky had a cut in his neck where a grub was inserted and almost killed him.

Peewee and Lucky were a part of a 5 kitten litter that we took in at 4-5 weeks old and found homes for 3 out of 5.

2014-05-22 16.59.35-2

Oreo is our youngest but BIGGEST cat weighing in at 20lbs.

He was found in the bushes full of lice and was going to be taken

to the APL by another family so we couldn’t help but take him in!!








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