Listen to the birds

My enjoyment is sitting in a quiet house, tv off, door open, and just listening. I like to take a step back from the world and just relax.

Two of my cats are running through the house playing with each other while my little 4lb Yorkie is chasing them back and forth, jumping up and down, hoping they will play with her too. The other two cats are quietly standing up at the screen door focused in on the birds outside, eating from the feeder while the squirrel is rummaging on the ground for the left overs. The lovely birds, including my male and female cardinal that pay me a visit every day, are singing away as if they have a large audience. But the sound of it all is what it is all about. Peace. Relaxation.

Just listening to the birds brings a sense of relief that there is something to be happy about. Nature is a beautiful thing and the animals make it all that more special. I may not be able to have children but I get to wake up every day of my life with animals greeting me from my bed to my front door. I love that every morning I get the opportunity to wake up and listen to the birds sing their pretty tunes. Just appreciating the small stuff can really make you that much happier!