When will it end?!

Monday I finally had the colonoscopy and it went good I guess. The prep was AWFUL! Dr noticed when they went by my uterus during the procedure is when I had the most intense pain. Likely due to the endo and inflammation. I will be happy when the diarrhea decides to stop. On another note, I scheduled my hysterectomy for November 20th. Since all of my family is at least 2.5 hours away my Mom and Grandma have planned their vacation accordingly so they can come up and stay with me to help out. Since my husband will be the only income coming in while I’m off (other than my small disability check) I don’t want him to have to miss too much work. The plan is he will take off the day of my surgery and go back the next day since my family will be here to help me. He is such a huge support for me. He goes to nearly all my doctor appointments, procedures, ER visits, and surgeries. It’s such a great feeling to have him, my mom, and my grandma all willing to help me and be here for me.

Thursday I have my pre-op appointment. In 2 weeks I have the EMG nerve test done. Another Dr appointment. And then surgery. I can’t wait til this is all over. Feel pretty shitty today! Just trying to keep it together… my period is coming and boy the pms and endo is in full force! Oh joy oh joy.



I’m Just A Science Experiment

UPDATE: After seeing the neurologist today… I have to get an EMG test done. Poke me with needles and stimulate my nerves to find out what is wrong with my right side. He did note my right leg is definitely weaker than my left. He also upped my Elavil. So I see a: Reproductive Endocrinologist/OBGYN, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, and Nurse Practitioner (My PCP). That’s ALOT of specialists/Drs. I feel broken and I’m just their guinea pig.

Unfortunately I can’t get in for the EMG until beginning of November, then have to schedule another appointment to get the results and I’m waiting for a call back to find out when my colonoscopy will be. I just really hope my hysterectomy doesn’t get pushed too far out because of all this. My RE was shooting for mid November but I don’t know. A little overwhelmed…

Now just trying to relax because I’m in a good amount of pain right now. Heating pad, Couch and Vicodin you will be my friends today!!!