What people don’t know, could teach them a thing or two.

A guy (who is a regular at work) told me today “you’ve gotten ‘slower’ since you dyed your hair red.” At the time I wasn’t really thinking about it cause I was busy trying to get his transaction done. But now I’m sitting here thinking. What an ignorant ass comment to make. The truth is yea I am slowing down. NO it’s not because I ‘dyed my hair red’. It’s because every day my pain increases. Today especially, was a hard day for me. Constant cramping/stabbing pains. On top of it my stomach/bowels are acting up. I just love how people never once think about what they’re saying before they try to put you down for something that they have no idea about. 😦

On another note I’ve done some research and since I started the Lupron shot 6 months ago (I am done with it) my blood pressure has been high. But now that I am off of it my blood pressure is still not coming down. I’m considered Prehypertension, borderline High Blood Pressure. My pulse is higher than it used to be. I also ran a low grade fever the entire time I was on Lupron which was very odd for me since I’ve always ran rather low and lower than the norm. Thankfully my temp has come down recently but the blood pressure and pulse, no, it just keeps rising.

When I tell people I feel different, even if I can’t explain how/why I feel different, believe me I’m not the same at all. This is one of those instances where I can prove the difference as well as the 20+ lbs I have put on since April. I was 115 when I went on the shot..granted I had just been sick and lost a little weight. I am now up to 138-140lbs. I have NEVER weighed this much.. it might not be a lot to you but when I no longer fit into anything that I just recently bought because of weight gain, it upsets me. I just feel different. I don’t feel like me anymore.



Infertility with Endometriosis: Lupron & Daily Living

In 2012, my husband (H, then 21yrs old) and I (then 19yrs old) married only to find out our chances of ever starting a family were slim. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS. I went through 2 surgeries, multiple Drs and fertility treatments such as IUI with Clomid and HCG shots. It didn’t work.

I was then recommended Lupron which, in my opinion, is an awful shot that you receive once a month for 6 months. It has very bad side effects, short and long term like menopausal conditions, osteoporosis, paralysis, and even death. There have been lawsuits against the medication because the pharmaceutical companies are not releasing all the possible serious side effects and Drs are being paid off to recommend Lupron. My Dr never once explained anything about it to me other than menopausal side effects. Also, Lupron does NOT eliminate endometriosis it just, more or less, stops it from progressing any further and without a menstrual cycle it’s not thriving.

So, you have to weigh the pros and cons. For me, my menstrual cycle started back up during treatment and the pain turned for the worse; Lupron was a disaster. I gained 20lbs, had horrible hot flashes, shortness of breath,  extremely bad nightmares, and the pain never stopped for me. After my 4th shot, I stopped it all together and I am now waiting to go see a NEW Dr for another opinion after we get back from vacation in September!

What I did decide to do though is see my Primary Care Physician (PCP). Yesterday, I met with my PCP and finally asked for what I have been holding out on for 3 years. Pain killers. I am now at my wits end and am hardly able to work, do house chores or anything that isn’t laying on the couch with a heating pad. I am now 21 and H is 23 and we want to be able to be active and do fun things especially since we cannot have kids, we want to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’.

I have now been prescribed Vicodin for pain and Elavil for sleep/depression/pain. PCP also is referring me to a neurologist because my endo is on the ligaments of my right leg causing nerve pain from mid back all the way down my right leg to my toes. I was also in a car accident in 2011 that has played a big roll in this specific pain area for me. For now, I just have to wait and see what happens while doing  the best I can.