I found my purpose!

Well I completed my first week at my new job! I must say its a lot to learn (shipping/receiving). But I feel so good about it. From the minute I was referred for this job, to the interview, to now working there, I have had nothing but good vibes! I have finally found my purpose, my meaning. It is so great to be in an office and working with 10-20 people a day versus 1,000 (retail)! What’s also nice is I can relate a lot with the woman training me since she has gone through ivf and failed fertility treatments as well as marriage trouble. I feel for her greatly! But it is nice to be able to talk to someone and have them understand exactly what I’m going thru and vice versa. It is so hard for people to understand what you’re going thru and it feels like it’s just you in this big old world feeling this way… So when you start to meet people that are just like you, it’s a relief. 

I feel like my life is damn near complete right now. Good job, great husband, and financially digging ourselves out. It’s good to feel good. 


New Job!


After 5 months of being unemployed, I’m happy to say that today I accepted a new job! For the past 7 years I’ve only ever worked retail so this new opportunity as a Distribution Clerk (Shipping&Receiving)  is very much welcomed! It’s hard, especially in my area to find work and anything that pays half way decent. This new opportunity to make pretty good money and venture outside of my comfort zone is exciting! With only one income, we were starting to really struggle and barely able to put food on the table so this truly couldn’t have come at a better time. Here’s to a new chapter and a better 2016! 🙂